lots of winter weather driving

Highway 52 in Minnesota - near white-out conditionsThis weekend we visited Wisconsin.  I headed to Appleton, Wisconsin on Saturday for my cousin’s baby shower.  On Friday night, it took us four hours to get to West Salem, which usually only takes about two and a half hours.  I continued on to Tomah to spend the night at my parents house, while Joel remained in West Salem for the weekend.  My mom and I continued on to Appleton on Saturday morning.  Our travel time increased by thirty minutes, but the roads weren’t nearly as bad as Friday night.  We had a fabulous time visiting with my cousins, my aunts and my grandma celebrating the Hruby Twins pending arrival in April.  My mom and I hit the road for home and experienced pretty good roads all the way back to Tomah.  After watching the news on Saturday evening, I was concerned for our return trip to Minneapolis.  Joel and his dad figured if I left Tomah around 10 am I could pick Joel up and we would beat the worst of the morning snow fall and early afternoon wind and blowing snow.  For the most part we missed the worst of it and the drive went better than Friday evening.  Here is a taste of Highway 52 south of the Twin Cities with near white-out conditions.

We made it home safe and promptly released The Beast (our snowblower) to take care of the snow from the weekend while we were away.

Here’s to hoping it won’t get as cold and windy tomorrow as they are predicting.  If you can stay home and cuddle up with a good book–DO IT, if not be careful and be safe.  ^br

postcard from the Rechs

This spring I discovered an iPad app that allows me to create a postcard with my own photos called PhotoCard (free app).  I love receiving postcards and try to make an effort to send postcards when we travel.  The more I use it, the more I like it.  You can send the postcards digitally or through the USPS.  To mail each postcard using USPS it costs about $2.00, but there are ways to reduce the costs by buying credits in bulk.  There are a lot of options for customizing your postcard to make it your own, with some involving additional costs.  For me adding just one photo wasn’t enough, so I also use PicFrame ($0.99 app) to create a photo collage.

Here is our latest postcard, outlining our latest 50 State Challenge Adventure to Mississippi (30) and Alabama (29).

Sir Elton John

This week Joel decided he wanted hear Elton John perform again.  He originally saw Elton perform in 1998.  For me it was the first time.  Tickets were still available, so we decided to make it a two concert weekend.  On Saturday night we saw John Mayer and Phillip Phillips.  I’ll post a few photos from that one soon.

Great Weather in CO

We enjoyed great weather in Colorado this week, although because it was so warm we didn’t end up doing any skiing as we had planned when we originally scheduled this trip.

Today we went on a short hike at Sapphire Point overlooking Lake Dillon where we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

wrestling in La Crosse

Travis, my brother, began wrestling when he was in kindergarten.  It was no surprise then that Therin also is wrestling at a young age.  Last weekend was the first time it worked out that I was able to watch him in action.  Therin’s matches were a bit rough, but he wrestled hard.

Therin’s first match against a boy from Pittsville.

Getting help from Dad.

Therin’s last match of the day, against another boy from Desoto, WI.